Chair of Power Electronics

Transformerstation for medium-voltage lab delivered

Aug 08, 2019

On the 8th of August, the Power Electronics Chair celebrated another milestone in the medium-voltage laboratory construction project.

The external power station was delivered by heavy transport and placed on the foundation. It includes a room with three medium-voltage switchgear, a room with a 10kV / 10kV isolation transformer (100kVA) and a room with a 10kV / 0.4kV transformer. This was preceded by elaborate earthworks to prepare the loamy surface for the high load. Since it had to wait for a release of the ordnance clearance service and the earthworks were accompanied by a combat probe, the construction project was delayed by several months.

The next steps will be follow-up works and connection works of the transformer station.
Next week, a recooler will be placed on the roof of the station and integrated into the prepared cooling system. Then another 6 weeks are planned for connection work, followed by another 2 weeks of work for programming and acceptance.

In the best case, a transfer of the medium-voltage laboratory would therefore be realistic in the beginning / middle of October.


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