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Investigation of reliability issues in power electronics

In a first step, components used in power electronics systems in different applications will be identified and classified according to pre-determined groups. Their functional role on the system will also be presented, in order to asses possible failure conditions.
In a second step, a qualitative investigation will take place to identify critical components. For such purpose, questionnaires and interviews will be performed in cooperation with ECPE partner companies to trace common sources for failures in the field. Not only the formulation but also evaluation of the results will be performed in close cooperation with the University of Kassel.
In the last step, a report will be prepared, containing a component ranking. It will also present the identification of possible future research targets to materialize a reliability roadmap at system level. This report will be written together with the University of Kassel in order to cover all results from the joint investigations. [read more]

Title Investigation of reliability issues in power electronics
Coordinator Prof. Marco Liserre
Contact Person M.Sc. Johannes Falck
Type Joint Research Programme
Funding 12.500 Euro
Partners Industrial and Research Network for Power Electronics in Europe (ECPE)
Duration 01.09.2015 – 31.08.2016
Keywords Wind Power, Photovoltaic, Electric Vehicles, Traction

  • Our research is focused on the design of high efficient and reliable PWM-based power converter architectures (single-cell, multi-cell, multilevel), their modelling and control to exploit commercial as well as new power semiconductor devices with minimum over design.
    We develop controllers for electric drives and we are particularly skilled in the integration of renewable energy systems into the electric grid.
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