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LIFEtime-enhanced Components for WIND Turbines (LIFE-WIND)

The Power Electronic System (PES) is an important part of Wind Turbine Systems (WTS) and according to the statistics the most prone to failure. Power converter systems contain numerous components such as semiconduc-tors, drivers, and passive components and are subject to many different mission profiles (applied loads and stresses). Due to the employed manufacturing process and aging, the parameters of the components vary, which has an impact on both the performance and the reliability of the PES. Thus, a robust design is essential to minimize the failure rate of the PES and preserve its performance. [read more]

The objective of this research project is to analyze the effect of parameter variability on performance and reliability of PES and to develop models useful for manufacturers of wind turbines and of their components to increase overall life-time and guarantee expected performances. Investigations will be carried out to develop a good understanding of the impact of variability on the system behavior. In line with this, some models will be developed which enable lifetime prediction and performance variation with respect to component variability. Laboratory tests will be carried out to verify the simulation findings.

Title LIFEtime-enhanced Components for WIND Turbines (LIFE-WIND)
Coordinator Prof. Dr.-Ing. M. Liserre
Contact Person Mr. M.Sc. Holger Jedtberg (
Type Joint Research Programme
Funding 149.568 Euro
Partners Three companies in Schleswig-Holstein
Duration 15.01.2015 – 14.01.2017
Keywords Reliability, Robustness, Capacitors, Power Modules, Wind Turbine Systems

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