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Analysis and Optimization of Small Wind Turbines

The aim of the project is to analyze and optimize a small wind turbine system with a power of 10 kW due to costs, volume, losses and efficiency as well as the energy production. The focus of the research is on a wind turbine concept with a permanent magnet synchronous generator that has to have a converter that consists of a rectifying and an inverting part connecting the generator with the grid. [read more]Since the inverter is mostly a two-level converter, the aim is the optimization of the rectifying topologies that can be: a diode rectifier, a diode rectifier with a boost converter in the DC link, a diode rectifier with a switch mode rectifier in the DC link, a half bridge rectifier, and finally a full bridge rectifier, shown in Fig. 1. For each topology there exists a control system, that maximizes the power of the small wind turbine system (Maximum Power Point Tracking), which has to be investigates as well. All in all the systems are compared to each other due to multiple factors like costs, volume, losses and energy production first mathematically than in a simulation and finally in the laboratory. 



Rectifier topologies applied in Small Wind Turbines

Title Analysis and Optimization of Small Wind Turbines
Coordinator Prof. Dr.-Ing. Friedrich W. Fuchs
Contact Person Mrs. Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. Kristina Buchert (
Type Gesellschaft für Energie- und Klimaschutz Schleswig-Holstein(EKSH)
Funding 146.300 Euro
Partners Two companies in Schleswig-Holstein
Duration 01.04.2013-31.03.2015
Keywords Small Wind Turbines, Efficiency, Power,

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