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Optimization of a Power Stack for Wind Turbines

The aim of the project is the optimization of an inverter for a wind turbine generator. Volume reduction, the improvement of efficiency and the increase of reliability by simplification of maintenance effort are to be focused. Under these boundary conditions, a 1MW power inverter will be designedbuilt up and tested. The electrical behavior of a suitable topology for the base plate inverter is to be simulated. [read more]The losses of the inverter system are to be examined. The low-inductance design of the inverter and the integration of the driver circuit are to be designed. The developed 3-level power semiconductor module of the inverter is to be characterized. A special driver circuit to run the inverter is to be developed. Investigations on the switching behavior of the IGBT semiconductors of the base plate inverter are to be done. To increase the energy density and to improve the efficiency a research of active control of the switching behavior of the power semiconductor is required. A comprehensive study of all components for the development of compact and modular high power base plate inverter will be done.

Title Optimization of a Power Stack for Wind Turbines
Coordinator Prof. Dr.-Ing. Friedrich W. Fuchs
Contact Person Mr. Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. Berthold Benkendorff (
Type Research project; financing: Innovationcluster Power Electronics for Renewable Energy, Fraunhofer Association and state Schleswig-Holstein
Funding 220.000 Euro
Partners Five companies, two universities of Applied Science in Schleswig Holstein and one research institute
Duration 01.07.2012-31.11.2015
Keywords Multilevel-Converter, Efficiency, Reliability, High-Power, Wind Power

  • Our research is focused on the design of high efficient and reliable PWM-based power converter architectures (single-cell, multi-cell, multilevel), their modelling and control to exploit commercial as well as new power semiconductor devices with minimum over design.
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