Chair of Power Electronics

BA/MA - Theses

We offer Bachelor and Master Theses on many interesting topics:

  •   Power Electronics for Electric Drives
  •   Power Electronics for Electric Vehicles
  •   Power Electronics for Photovoltaic and Wind Applications 
  •   Power Electronics for Smart Grids
  •   Power Electronics for HVDC
  •   Low Power / High Power DC/DC - Converter
  •   Modular Inverter
  •   Thermal Characterisation of Power Converters
  •   Active Thermal Control for Power Converters
  •   Reliability of Power Converters
  •   Control of Power Converters


Following are the current thesis topics offered at the Chair:

  • Thermal Modeling in a Power Hardware in the Loop System 

Contact: M.Sc. Johannes Kuprat. Description

  • Integration von Batteriespeichern in Windenergiesystemen

 Contact: M.Sc. Frederik Hahn.  Description

  • Laboratory set-up for power loss measurement in soft ferrites used for power conversion 

Contact: Ph. D. Yoann Pascal. Description

  • Non-Zero Energy Balance Controller Design for Modular Multilevel Converters to Integrate Partial Energy Storage Systems into MV Grid. 

Contact: Ph. D. Hamzeh Beiranvand. Description

  • Multiport Modular Multilevel Converter for AC, DC and Battery Systems Direct Integration 

Contact: M.Sc. Luis Juarez Camurca. Description

  • Utilization of Genetic Algorithm in the Optimum Design of the Arm Inductance in a Modular Multilevel Converter 

Contact: M.Sc. Luis Juarez Camurca. Description

  • Entwicklung eines Optimierungsmodells zur Dimensionierung von Batteriespeicher in Schnellladestationen

Contact: M.Sc. Felix Hoffmann. Description

  • Controller and Observer modelling and implementation for high-speed PMSM

Contact: M.Sc. Karthik  Debbadi. Description

  • P-HIL Simulation for Hardware Testing in Grid-Connected Converters

Contact: Ph. D. Sante Pugliese. Description

  • P-HIL for Evaluation of Battery Lifetime in Vehicles Equipped with Active-Controlled Suspension System

Contact: Ph. D. Sante Pugliese. Description

  • Harmonic Propagation in Smart Transformer fed Distribution Grid with high DG inverters penetration

Contact: Ph. D. Sante Pugliese. Description

  • Filter Design to Reduce dv/dt Stress on PMSM Windings

Contact: M. Sc. Karthik Debbardi. Description

  • Design and Engineering of 2 Phase Test Equipment Inverter

Contact: M. Sc. Karthik Debbardi. Description


  • Our research is focused on the design of high efficient and reliable PWM-based power converter architectures (single-cell, multi-cell, multilevel), their modelling and control to exploit commercial as well as new power semiconductor devices with minimum over design.
    We develop controllers for electric drives and we are particularly skilled in the integration of renewable energy systems into the electric grid.
    Please discover our expertise looking to our recent projects.

    HEART - The Highly Efficient And Reliable smart Transformer
    Further Research Projects